Leasing Regardless of Credit Rating or History

Car and Van Leasing - Contract Hire

Leasing is long term vehicle hire paid monthly with an initial payment or rental equivalent to 3 or 4 payments in advance. Payments are referred to as rentals and are subject to VAT. This makes the leasing option attractive to VAT registered businesses. Available non-status to private and business customers, we arrange short term contract hire deals from 6 months to longer term lease contracts of up to 4 years with mileage allowances from 10,000- 30,000 miles per annum.


Non-status refers to the way applications are underwritten. No credit scoring or automated underwriting is used, instead each enquiry is considered by an underwriter with an emphasis on taking a common sense approach. Customers need to show affordability, proof of address etc. Previous credit difficulties, CCJ’s, defaults, arrears, IVA’s and bankruptcy can happen in life but what we are interested in is your present situation not your past. Our application process is very straight forward, from initial enquiry to full approval and collection or delivery of a vehicle within a few days subject to vehicle availability.

If you have recently started a business and need a vehicle, obtaining a car or van lease for a new business where there will be limited accounts and track record can be very difficult. We can normally overcome this assuming affordability can be established. This also applies to private customers with limited previous credit or electoral role information including HM Forces personnel.

Whatever your circumstances we will be pleased to discuss your vehicle requirements and offer our recommendations. Please send over a short contact request and we will give you a call.

Contract Details

Contracts can be offered with vehicle maintenance if required which includes, servicing, repairs, breakdown cover, tyres etc. All vehicle contracts include road tax (RFL) for the full term of lease. See some examples of non-status contract hire car deals. If you cannot see the car or van you are looking for, most vehicles are new or nearly new and are purchased to customer order by a vehicle buyer who can offer advice on the best deals available by manufacturer. There is always a selection of 1-3 year old vehicles available at a lower monthly rental, please ask for details.

If you are looking for a van, see our non-status contract hire offers for new vans. These contracts are from 1 to 4 years with annual mileage allowances from 10,000 to 30,000 miles per annum.

We also offer a finance lease product for vans which is useful if the vehicle is being modified or likely to be used long term as it gives the useful option of being able to purchase the van at the end of the term for a nominal final payment. Finance leasing is available on used vans up to 7 years old as well as new commercial vehicles over periods of 3 or 4 years. We can arrange to send finance documents directly to a local dealership which means you can source a vehicle in your area.