Finance Approval Based on Affordability NOT Credit History

Car Finance

Car finance is still the most popular finance option for anyone who wants to buy and own a car, especially for private customers. Monthly payments are visible on your credit file which means you can build or repair your credit rating as well as owning your vehicle outright at the end of the agreement. Ingram Finance can arrange car finance for UK residents with a low credit score or previous adverse credit provided you have proof of income, a UK licence and proof of address. Car finance is available from £1,500 to £75,000 either over 3 or 4 years depending on the age of the car you choose and can be arranged and approved from home. See how easy it is to qualify even if you have experienced past adverse credit.

You Find it, We Fund it

If you have found a car you want to buy we can arrange to send finance documents to the dealership for you to sign on their premises. Or if you would like to know you have a finance approval in place before you go car shopping you can apply for a credit limit.

The application process is easy too. Just use our short contact request form to request a call back for further information. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have. Ingram Finance have been arranging vehicle leasing and finance for over 10 years and can discuss the various funding options with you before you make an application.

Latest model or modern classic Golf Gti? Ingram Finance can arrange funding for either.

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Financing

The Ford Tourneo makes a spacious and versatile private hire taxi vehicle. These are nice to drive and offer customers plenty of space and comfort especially in Titanium spec.

Ingram arrange finance for individual taxi and private hire drivers as well as larger fleet operators and courier businesses.

We do not offer leasing for taxi and private hire vehicles as this is not an economical option. Monthly leasing payments are based on the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease term. Taxi and private hire vehicles exceed the normal mileage limits of leasing companies and the depreciation means payments would have to be based on the full replacement value of the vehicle.

The two types of funding we can arrange are finance (Hire Purchase) for new and used cars, vans and minibuses and finance leasing suited for VAT registered businesses buying new vehicles.

We also arrange finance for limousines modern and classic vehicles for private hire and wedding car hire companies and vans for courier drivers and businesses.

To qualify It is not necessary to have a perfect credit history but proof of income is usually required.

Please use our taxi finance enquiry form for financing taxi and private hire vehicles, vans, minibuses and limousine vehicles, we will call you to discuss your requirements.

  • Finance for taxi, private hire cars, vans, minibuses and limousines
  • Individual drivers and fleet operators

Caravan and Motor Home Finance

Are you making future holiday travel plans with the family? Possibly thinking of touring abroad and fancy the freedom and flexibility of owning your own touring caravan or motor home? Don’t let your past credit history spoil your future dreams and stop you taking to the road.

We can arrange finance of up to 4 years for caravans and motor homes purchased via a dealership and can send documents to your local supplying dealer when you have found a vehicle you wish to purchase. So if you think you may be turned down for finance we can help.

As a guide, vehicles should ideally be under 10 years old and motor homes less than 70,000 miles but because there are so many makes, models and specifications available the underwriting is assessed on an individual basis and there is flexibility.

If you would like more information please use our short contact form and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

Financing for touring caravans and motorhomes

Prestige and Classic Car Finance

Modern Classic Jaguar XK8

Considering the purchase of an older vehicle as a daily driver or weekend only classic?

A well cared for 15 or 20 plus year old quality car like a Mercedes or BMW can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of it’s modern equivalent and provided it has been well maintained makes a great value first or second car.

Ingram can arrange funding at competitive rates for UK registered cars of any age and mileage.

Vehicles must be purchased via a dealership and need to have MOT. Lending is subject to valuation and data check to ensure the vehicle has no outstanding finance or been in a serious accident. You will need a deposit or part exchange equivalent to a minimum of 10% depending on valuation of the car you are buying.

When looking around for an older vehicle try to find one in the best condition you can. You will have to pay more but cars requiring professional work can prove to be more expensive in the long run.

Once you have located a vehicle to buy get in touch with the details and we will offer you a quote for monthly payment and send finance documents.